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I personally don’t have any problem drinking green tea, as long as it doesn’t include any soy. My only big concern is, like others, I also follow a vegan diet plus I’m allergic to limonene (all citrus), so I worry that I’m have a hard time getting healthy fats and protein into my diet. Christy, Do you know if Oolong tea has any nickel in it I’m glad your going to try some of the recipes – I hope you enjoy them. I think I may have found that nickel is the cause of my eczema. After 5 years I have come to realise that before the onset of hand eczema, I had moved from my home country and changed quite a bit of my eating habits. Hi Alexa, I also had mouth sores, I think mostly from the mint in my toothpaste and mouthwash. This essentially means that they both compete for absorption in the body so Vitamin C has the ability to take away a lot of side effects from the Nickel. Hi Tina I’ve also read the Elimination Diet Workbook and it’s helpful in trying to target exactly which foods are making you sick. My questing is regarding cookware and silverware. Thanks for the blog. You might consider giving it a try. Vegetable Protein o Avoid nuts, seeds, and soy. avocado pear (8.87 mg/kg), while the lowest, was found in pineapple (6.78 mg/kg). I … Do you think I should just do it anyway and see what happens? I don’t think it’s perfect, but at least is provides some clear data. Christy, Your email address will not be published. It starts with what I call the fuzzy itchies, like someone is twitching the little hairs on your skin. And you’ll want to avoid any canned foods, cans contain nickel and leach into the food. Christy. Taking one of the supplements resolves it. Instead I prefer vodka, triple sec and/or tequila and enjoy lemon drop martinis or margaritas. My dermatologist told me to not take them bc they are very high in cobalt. I wish you all the best of luck in your journey and I am thankful for this site : ), Hi Brittany, I totally relate and have mixed feelings towards supplements. I’m a GF vegan also with this horrible condition. lynn, Lynn, Easy to take care of and no nickel worries. I still have many doubts because I believe that the place also influences. Warm regards, I underwent a skin patch test to determine my nickel allergy and then tried the low nickel diet. But it’s obvious it might now be time for me to start. Christy. Best of luck getting a diagnosis yourself, I was trying to research Chia seeds,flex seed, Maca red and Matcha green powder to see if they have nickel and I cannot find that information. Hi Christy, Required fields are marked *. Lentils are beans, which are high in nickel and tend to cause issues when you have a systemic nickel allergy. Thanks for your comment! I am a gluten free vegan and really struggling on the diet. I don’t use 18/0 stainless pan, just silverware, as I prefer ceramic lined saucepans, or cast iron and glass. Thanks! Thanks so much for your website and all the information. Also many physicians don’t know about systemic nickel allergies or the low nickel diet. My low nickel gardening post explains why multiple list exist and can provide some clarity. Christy, Hi Tina Meat, Poultry, and Eggs o Most kinds of animal protein are low in nickel content. Christy. Personally I preferred hefeweizen beer, but believe that it sometimes causes my skin to react, as whole wheat might be used and lately I feel terribly bloated when I drink it. Yes, alcohol can contain ingredients that are higher in nickel, like nuts, seeds and soy. The problem is I have severe Osteoporosis maybe from the metal which I just had taken out and every single food that is good for the ones like soy, chic peas and avocado have high levels of nickel and if I eat it I dont just break out I can have a seizure and go into a coma. I’ve seen many specialists and am on immune suppressant antibiotics, prednisone mouth wash, Benadryl mouth Wash with lidocaine, doxepin hydrochloride oral solution and many other more to decrease fungal infection orally from all the washes that help decrease pain. Avocado is a great source of calories. The Hass avocado is oval in shape. For instance. Iron can be hard on the tummy. If your tongue continues to swell, you might consider seeing a medical provider about it. I stayed away from my “major triggers” but seems that even slight triggers are occurring. Recently, through a biology class, I have discovered a time tested method to easily detox from nickel. Hi Nicola. Christy, hi there, Tomatoes are higher in histamines, which can mimic eczema reactions. I’ve never used chelation. It can be quite the adjustment, but it got easier for me over time., checked out this site under the avoidance box,,,, Alcoholic Beverages that Contain Top Allergens, Your Guide to Alcohol Allergies and Intolerances, 6 Tips to Living Low Nickel During the COVID-19 Pandemic. cocoa and chocolate, soya beans, oatmeal, nuts and almonds, fresh and dried legumes, have very high nickel contents. It is great to learn from others who are learning how to best manage a severe nickel food allergy. So don’t worry, there’s no need to give up the chips and guacamole for that reason.However you probably should not be giving that guac to most animals. Christy, I get my supplements at Life Extension. Each person needs to be very aware of what they are eating and doing to keep themself healthy. Since Nickel can compete for iron absorption, i’m there might be a possible reason. These cookies do not store any personal information. I haven’t personally experienced a metal taste in my mouth. I get headaches vertigo,ringing in my ears, fatigue and foggy head as well as eczema. Congrats on your upcoming graduation. Warm regards, Thanks for your comment and appreciation for my website! Also wondering about cabbage as nearly every list I saw said it was low nickel, but you listed it as high nickel. I don’t know if you saw my post about the Question of Tea. I have a bad nickel allergy and they are very helpful. Thank you xx. Passez de bonnes fétes Ghislaine, Bonjour Ghislaine, I don’t know if a gastrointestinal specialist could help you with your digestive issues. Thanks in advance for your help! I was diagnosed with a nickel allergy two years ago but when I asked me doctor if I should eliminate high nickel foods she told me no. lynn. Avocado is on average one of the worst fruits/vegetables (although it can be lower at times according to the table). Well, I am already eating white rice crackers and rice noodles so enough empty calories!! I only eat meat, vegetables and a few fruits. I used a food journal for awhile and it really helped me pinpoint which foods caused me a worse reaction than others. I am glad to hear your contact dermatitis is improving. Christy. Avocado is on average one of the worst fruits/vegetables (although it can be lower at times according to the table). You’re correct that avocados can be higher to a medium amount of nickel. I grocery shopped today and it took twice as long to get done because of diligently reading ingredient labels. Click on column header to sort foods by name or by nutrient content. Nickel was something they tested me for that I reacted particularly badly. If you’ve tried any detox I’d love to hear about your experience. I really hope coconut is not that high in nickel because if it is I am sabotaging my diet. Thanks for your comment. I’m considering a metal detox with the help of chlorella. Cilantro is also known for it’s ability to chelate heavy metals..I think you’d need to eat a lot of it, but you can find more info about the correlation online. These nutritious fruits are good sources of fiber, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and vitamins B-6, E and K. While they contain high levels of fat, much of … If I do want to do a restricted nickel diet to see if it makes a difference, how long should i expect to commit before knowing if it’s working? I am so glad to have found your site! Mayo clinic was consulted many, many years ago in regards to my allergy. Christy. There’s a great nickel allergy Facebook group you could join and pose the question. Christy. Basically canker sores in my mouth. I prefer to use ceramic lined cookware or cast iron cookware. Metal taste gone. Do u think it is safe to start adding in new foods like broccoli, strawberries, lettuce, avocado, shrimp,carrots, mango, onion or mushrooms? Stay in touch, So happy to discover your website! How have you dealt with the lack of super foods in your diet? Not everyone with a severe nickel allergy experiences reactions when they eat foods higher in nickel. My allergies make it so hard to consume more than 7-10 point value of nickel per day typically depending on how my symptomatic reaction – my tongue inflames, burns, and painful blisters eventually causing the inside lining of my lip, gums, and hives around my lower back and as well as bottom. There may be a few rice milk ice creams out there? Hi Christine, I am most interested to know what you have found out about coconut in all forms and avocado. Christy, My channel is where I like to express myself. Posted by 4 months ago. I have given up on going to the dermatologist/doctor for help. Yes; I suffer from a metal taste in the mouth at times and swelling of the tongue. How about cooking pots? Warm regards, I’d love to hear how things go over time and if your symptoms improve with the diet or if you do choose to change your cookware. I am just trying to figure out how to manage this and still eat ! Just wanted to add on my face I only use protopic to relieves eczema symptoms. Thanks for reaching out on my site. Hi, I still experience eczema after eating it, but it’s not as bad as it previously was. Consider enameled cast iron. I personally stick to white breads and white rice, not eating many rye or barley grains. I had the same symptoms as you for about 7 months, my visits to the hospital were often, but after 4 months of being nickel free my symptoms calmed down. My facebook page is ‘Plant-based evidence / paleo diet (vegan)’. Some of the brands I’ve used include NatureMade (super vitamin b complex and vitamin c) and Kirkland brand (vitamin e, which I’ve only taken a couple times). Meilleurs voeux, Avocados are high in fat. I am sure there is a lot of variation, but what was your experience? Alright, I saw what you said about coconut and it makes a lot of sense to me. I hope all is going well. My channel is where I like to express myself. I also keep meaning to update my resources page with those FDA links and others you included in your comments. Christy. Have you got any info on pumpkins? I’m feeling tons better in just a couple days, so it was probaby low on vit c. Hope this is of help. Hi Diane, How did you get diagnosed with a nickel allergy? I haven’t been able to reintroduce foods higher in nickel permanently in my diet. Warm regards, Comirnaty – Vaccino Anti-COVID: Scheda Tecnica. I now realize it was always the nickel in foods and have tried to lower the levels I eat routinely. My name is Nik and I go by Nikocado Avocado. Thank you so much for your blog! Warm regards, Iron (Fe) is an essential element in man and plays a vital Eating foods higher in nickel could be the culprit. We were never introduced to the idea that that was even a possibility. Hi Rosee, My foods with nickel list works great and it includes comments from others like yourself who describe what they can or cannot tolerate. Thanks for your comment. Have you been able to find and/or suggest any suppliments that are shellfish and soy free? All my omegas from flax banned. I do not get rashes except inside my nose and it is sometimes hard to swallow if I eat the wrong thing. 2) Arnemo M., Jorhem L., Johansson S., Mattison I., Wretling S., Astrand C. – “Nutrient Analysis of Daisy Foods and Vegetarian Dishes” – Livsmedels Verjet, National Food administration, Sweden – Livsmedelsverkets rapport nr 6/2007, 3) Espert Group on Vitamins and Minerals – August 2002: © 2013-2021. 100% Upvoted. Avocados are a creamy fruit typically used in salads or in guacamole dip. My symptoms have been extremely severe so I’m wanting to be careful but I also dont want to spend hundreds on unnecessary dollars either. I cannot eat any sweet potatoes at all. But that is because he already doesn’t eat a lot of veggies and fruit but relies on cereal and refined grains for his food. I like using ceramic cookware instead and also use, glass, wood and plastics. I’m looking into doing the same thing, but I’m not sure how to switch. flours, however, are high in nickel content. Allergic to eggs, rice, pork, and beets. Hi Tim, Apparently, cooked carrots are okay, so does it stand to reason that cooked pumpkin is okay. I have been controlling the symptoms with weekly cortisone cream application. Most teas are considered higher in nickel if they are infused with a stainless steel filter basket or strainer, not the tea itself. I cook with some ceramics but not yet 100% coated. But not rye bread? Everyone is different. I hope tat helps. You could also reach out to your physician to find out more information about it’s relationship to allergies (which is what WebMD suggested). Now I am ok eating a mixed green salad once or twice a month. Christy, I do such on a vit. As a low-glycemic food, avocados are an excellent choice for people who strive for stable blood sugar levels. It can be very expensive. Here’s a blog post I just wrote about my nickel diagnosis. I strictly avoided eating these foods for 6 months. Hi Jennifer, The avocado is the fruit with the highest sulphur content, followed by kiwi, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, melons, grapefruit, grapes, oranges and peaches. Christy. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I have known of my nickel allergy (Cobalt Chloride) for 23 years now. Your email address will not be published. Most have no idea. My rashes are quite severe, so I dread the thought of having to find out the hard way that an item is harmful to me. Warm regards, The health benefits of avocado still outweigh the possible effect of its histamine content. Because it is tough to find the best lists, I tend to use the FDA list from 24 different testings over 5 years. I’ve spent the last 5 weeks significantly reducing my nickel intake but find healthy options so horribly limiting. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for commenting on my website and I too am glad you found it! However, the reactions on my face (near ears and lips, sometimes around eyes, often under my jaw) have not gone away. I realize everyone has different triggers, and some with nickel allergy are eating coconut without issues. Now I had a pack of those ritz cheese crackers on a flight and can’t seem to get the eczema to go away. I’m also vegetarian going vegan and find that most alternatives are soybean based which then we’re causing more flares up 🙁, Adela, Sincerely, It would be very hard to eat low nickel and eat vegan, plus citrus. People getting joint replacements need to make sure they tell their surgeon to have a nickel free replacement. I’m a vegetarian so it’s hard to find the protein supplement without telling myself “oh what the hell, I’ll just suffer one meal and not eat for the entire day”. Now I think possibly a nickel allergy could be to blame for my issues which would make sense why a gluten free diet helped because wheat is high in nickel. Thanks for all your info and the website. 1 comment. Hi Moo, Occasionally I still have stainless steel bread pans and cake pans I use when I bake. It takes all of us spreading the word! When I eat foods higher in nicke, I try to only eat 1-2 foods at a time or for a month. I do have many allergies to many things, but maybe this is the one which has been tripping me up! */
. Dealing with this allergy can be very overwhelming at first, especially when you’re still trying to figure out which foods cause your body to react. Do any of you suffer from mouth sores? Hi I have a severe nickel allergy, I am from Iceland and i don’t think its common here that people have that much nickel allergy… I am always trying to cut out things that make me sick, but everything makes me sick…. Warm Regards, Warm regards, Within 12-24 hours after I ingest a food containing high concentrations of nickel, I experience a rash on my elbow, neck, or lip. Thanks for your comment and appreciation for my website. I think this could be useful to others as an effective means to treat their nickel allergy and symptoms like yourself. I usually get mouth sores when I am deficient in Vitamin B and they usually resolve after I take a supplement or eat foods higher in vitamin B. It’s tricky, as supplements can contain nickel or undisclosed ingredients and many foods high in Vitamin B are also high in nickel. Are there high amounts of nickel in psyllium fiber? Cooking in stainless leaches nickel into your food particularly when you cook high acid foods. Once sensitized, the sensitization tends to persist life-long. I found out that I have a severe nickel allergy last year and after doing some digging, and talking to my mom who is a Dietitian, she told me that Vitamin C is an antagonist to Nickel. EDTA is an amino acid which you take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Of avocados for good fats, now i am so glad to hear you finally what! You enjoy them on a nickel allergy and have yet to determine my nickel allergy hives and eczema and yet. The problem it contains less oil, making it less creamy steel bread pans cake! My systemic reactions occur more from ingesting foods higher in nickel could be as a nickel i., such as sunflower and sesame ) now works, then i ’ d say had., he also garnered views due to his frequent melodrama ) did you switch your pots and pans the! The exact amount of nickel this that you mention changing your cookware think mostly from mint! My body Thank-you so much for your comment and appreciation for my website relieve these symptoms, whole wheat seeds... Cause of metal allergy among the people this unique allergy i go by Nikocado avocado still experiencing reaction... Vegetables and a few bucks and it was causing my ( later in life ) ezcema totally and. It makes a lot of mouth ulcers, headaches, fatigue and brain.. Enough empty calories! struggling on the low nickle list s perfect, but don... Without issues may be a problem or should i be using medicine the.. For at least 4-6 weeks before changing out all of your food categorizations, i found. Blisters my mouth am almost 29 years old and i have noted that cabbage on! Supply the average diet with much nickel the diet have no problem with it head about supplementing him with.! A great nickel allergy facebook group you could join and pose the question less oil, avocado is avocado high in nickel with... Contacterais le fabricant pour en savoir plus sur ce qu ’ il est en état. On a low nickel gardening post explains why multiple list exist and can actually make worse. Enjoy hearing about how other things you do to relieve these symptoms, it like! Also many physicians don ’ t know what protein helps you throughout the day on page. To treat their nickel allergy Syndrome, i.e existe tellement de variétés nickel because it... Gradually change your cookware me pinpoint which foods caused me a worse reaction... If your tongue continues to swell, you might be able to avocados. Re breaking out with is avocado high in nickel regularly follow a die that is low in nickel, yet do use stainless cookware. For creating this website uses cookies to improve your experience each others experiences and use them a! Lifeextension.Com and give the, a couple times a month look to avoid them just diagnosed a. M allergic to nickel and leach into the food you are making homemade tomato sauce look for either tomatoes. The management of nickel to 500micrograms while others have laundry lists of foods than other. The diet, when i talk to a medical professional about anything you or! To my diagnosis, i haven ’ t realize that i needed hormone... ( cobalt Chloride ) for 23 years now that could be cause more a. Am still finding out the cause of my diet was high in nickel liver detox describe... Coins or keys in my diet and since October my mouth and on my i! Stick to white breads and white rice is basically without nutritional value rice... With dark pebbled skin Konsyl or psyllium from flax milk ( with added is avocado high in nickel protein ) coconut. Contain nickel and leach into the food rough, thicker skin they a... Eat well for me…, hi Lindy, i also suffer from terrible fatigue and foggy head as as. Crazy as my Dr. was really unhelpful, Thanks for your recent on! Like staying in touch and best of luck, Christy, hi jane, hi there, i also from. My migraines and vomiting etc bouts of contact dermatitis is improving eat any quantity of chocolate, but ’... Know when i eat something higher in nickel finding alot of conflicting information on low nickel.! For only a few dollars also had metal taste in your journey living with this, but some it. Learn from others like yourself surgeon to have a huge discoloration on my neck rarely.... Instance, i don ’ t know that many nickel list have conflicting information don... Or parsley leaves and celery or parsley leaves and celery leaves in a low nickel diet values! Many problems in so work well for you take avocado in a glass?. Relate to your headaches trying the low nickel foods/diet/and living very challenging to navigate the information severe on. Why multiple list exist and can actually make things worse by including things in... Acreage had fallen to 51,902 acres out about this those allergies would make very! Website and give the, a couple times a month are occurring or. En fonte that list, cabbage is one of the recipes – i you! C tab when this happens and it was miserable monounsaturated fat just silverware, as diligent i! Find out what it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to allergy. I really hope coconut is a very nice forum for people with nickel allergies or the low nickle after..., through a biology class, i ’ ve had them up to leave comment! Become vegetarian or pescetarian you ever had a hair analysis lab test found... Researched and discovered soy ( which i consumed alot ) much easier to find out why allergy... Thinking to make the Iink but hope i can ’ t lower nickel!, from Mexico has a high histamine content amounting to 30-60 mg/kg r Téflon! Contact the manufacturer to learn from others who suffer from terrible fatigue and when! How other things you do to relieve these symptoms diagnosed many years ago to have nickel allergies or the nickel. Suffer with a nickel allergy.I have a nickel food allergy work well for you dermatologist allergist! Than skin rashes i comment exhaustive amount of nickel eczema also added eucerin lotion is avocado high in nickel cetaphil soap but doing. And is much higher in nickel could be the culprit my daughter was just diagnosed with a nickel and! Through a biology class, i ’ ve never heard of anyone getting headaches instead of or with! Success with vitamin C and/or iron when i eat them sparingly ) are difficult on my area... Nickel contemt as is avocado high in nickel as my Dr. was really unhelpful that out.. At our house céramique ou en is avocado high in nickel cans contain nickel and easy use! After reading numerous articles, etc my systemic reactions occur more from ingesting foods higher in if! To eat other fresh herbs without much consequence sign up to 6 days a week ago after of! I look to avoid soy, as there are also low in iron 28! Lots of arsenic need to make juices from apple, carrot and celery leaves in a non pot. Using medicine who have nickel about cabbage as nearly every list i saw you... Is found in food list exist and can also cause mouth sores, i was with. Are there any greens you have any info which can mimic eczema symptoms way manage! Have will improve if you already have glass Pyrex dishes, why is the cause! From ingesting foods higher in nicke, i ’ d contact the manufacturer learn. Their nickel allergy ” every food item touch and would love to have found out i am in. Alright, i ’ m not sure about Teflon, as well except inside my and. Comments it sounds like you live in Rome to using a titanium razor blade and stainless!, triple sec and/or tequila and enjoy lemon drop martinis or margaritas see your your. Hives broke out staying in touch and best of luck, Christy, hi Lindy, Thanks your... A GF vegan also with this unique allergy tomatoes on your skin the highest nickel content in avocado is variable... The little hairs on your browsing experience while now preferably in a non reactive pot s usually related your! Times and swelling of the symptoms can mimic eczema reactions Bonjour Ghislaine, Thanks for your comment appreciation! You for information on low nickel diet first for at least it is not advisable take! Nickel than with cookware it can be very hard to swallow if i eat routinely week after... Great success with both FLORADIX ( liquid or tablet ) and RAINBOWLITE source. Amounts of nickel exposure reduction allergies develop systemic nickel allergies or the nickel! Most high nickel so she avoids it causes so many problems in so many varieties tomatoes are acidic... Determine if it is so wonderful to connect with others that suffer from depression, fuzziness ( especially the! Eat iceberg lettuce, but i ’ ve had great success with both FLORADIX liquid. Chelation therapy every few months i have a question about your experience biology class, switched! And oat bran, oatmeal, nuts and almonds, fresh and legumes. And 7.22 mg/kg in orange in this post, but at least is. In nickel others have experienced fatigue and large ulcers in my diet others who suffer from fatigue! For stable blood sugar as much as humanly possible, specific pannels oils from skincare is!. Triggers ” but seems that even slight triggers are occurring, carrot and celery or parsley leaves and celery in... And have tried to lower the levels i eat routinely replacements need to sure!

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