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The map indicates “ruins” on either side of the trail about halfway down but we didn’t spot anything (perhaps when the leaves are down). There is signage for the lot; ignore the main driveway to the park right before it. [The path down the hill leads to the Kuser Estate]. Fiddler’s Creek Road Parking Lot: The entrance to the parking lot is approximately 0.3 mile east of Route 29 on Fiddler’s Creek Road. 0.0 – Start following BLUE (Summit) just beyond the trail kiosk. Check the Trail Blogs linked at the bottom for more photos of this area. Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain is named to honor the Rutgers University professor of biological sciences who campaigned for nearly a decade to make the park a reality. These versions show fewer trails in Honey Hollow area than older maps (map 3,4) so the description below may be affected. The fringes of the forest and orchard areas offer wild raspberries in early summer, and those who know where to look and what to pick safely can enrich their dinners with a variety of wild mushrooms. Parking is available at the bottom of this trail, off Route 29. The Copper Hill Trail (orange blazes), is so named because of supposed (but undocumented) early mining activity by Native Americans. 6. Baldpate Mountain offers some of the most extensive and rugged walking in Mercer County. Veer RIGHT to follow BLUE (Summit) along a mowed path. Mileage now 6.7 from 8.1. (scroll down a bit for Baldpate). It had been over 2 years since we first checked it out (“Baldpate Mountain in August“) and we were looking for something under an hour away. Most trails involve climbing or descending, sometimes steeply. Trail is immediately very pleasant, level at first and then heads up through dense forest with very tall trees. Go 4.7 miles and turn right on Fiddlers Creek Road. 2.2  – Turn RIGHT and continue following RED (NW Loop). From Route 29: Half a mile north of Fiddler’s Creek Road, there is visitor parking off Route 29, at the bottom of the Switchback Trail (yellow). Eventually there will be a BLUE (Summit) marker. Find the travel option that best suits you. The trail is mostly hard packed earth, with some rocky areas. The cheapest way to get from Cleveland to Bethel costs only $85, and the quickest way takes just 6¾ hours. You can find both easy and challenging hiking trails here. ///. [We didn’t spot markers here. A wooden post with a brown trail blaze marks the spot. — ///. The Preserve consists of 486 acres of forest, meadows, granite-topped scenic vistas and boasts a pristine ancient pitch pine forest atop its summit. The rocky outcrops provide cover for various harmless snakes, but naturalists have also found the rarely seen copperhead snake, whose bite can be harmful. The Creek Spur Trail (brown blazes) runs about .4 mile from Fiddler’s Creek Road roughly north to join the Copper Hill Trail. 3 h 24 m This trail follows routes similar to others in All Trails but starts at the parking area off of Church Road in Hopewell Township. Big Bend Ranch State Park. 40.318542, -74.866162. For the Church Road entrance, continue another 1.4 miles up Fiddlers Creek Road to the intersection with Church Road; continue straight across Church Road into the Brick Road entrance to Washington Crossing State Park, where there is ample parking room along the margins of the gravel road. Baldpate Mountain is part of the largest continuously forested area in central New Jersey, the Sourlands Region, stretching across Mercer, Somerset, and Hunterdon Counties. Knoxville Urban Wilderness. This can be a quick aerobic session going uphill! Also closed Wed. – Sat. There are picnic tables and a view towards the Delaware River and a meadow is along the mowed path. Baldpate is flanked to the north by Surplus Mountain, to the northeast by Black Mountain, and to the southeast by Mount Hittie. The mountain, part of the volcanic Sourland Mountain Ridge, is the highest point in Mercer County. 5. Summit Trail, NW Loop Trail, and Ridge Trail – Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain – Titusville, Mercer County, NJ Distance: 4 1/2 miles (12 miles of trails in the park) Type: Loop (more trails we did not get to hike) Difficulty: 7 of 10. [Kuser (GREEN) also continues ahead. Our setting is nestled in the pine forest on the side of Twin Sisters Mountain, next to the Lily Lake area of Rocky Mountain … Note: We love Baldpate Mountain so much, we’ve written four reviews about different aspects of the park: 1) Overview, 2) Switchback Trail, 3) Eastern Trails, 4)Pine Grove Hike. Baldpate Mountain-West Peak (3662 ft/1116 m) Latitude/Longitude (WGS84) 44° 36' 33'' N, 70° 53' 32'' W 44.609287, -70.892316 (Dec Deg) 349846 E 4941290 N, Zone 19 (UTM) Baldpate Mountain moderate (108) Length: 7 mi • Est. There the path turns left (northwest) to follow the sometimes muddy downs and ups of the utility line, at .8 mile crossing the same brook, whose banks can also be muddy. 1.0  – BLUE (Summit) ends. Bald Pate Mountain Trail is a 3.3 mile loop trail located near Bridgton, Maine that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. In order to preserve the health of forest ecosystems, the Park Commission employs deer management programs at Baldpate Mountain and Mercer Meadows. There is no hunting on Sundays and one or two other days in the week. The lot is marked “Vehicle and Horse Trailers Parking” on the trail map. 1.2  – Turn RIGHT to start following RED (NW Loop) – you might not spot markers until turning. Some trails include steep stone steps, which require a moderate degree of balance and caution. On a whim, we decided to revisit Baldpate Mountain on Memorial Day Weekend.. 3. The Appalachian Trail runs over Baldpate, and is said by some to be one of the most difficult sections of the entire 2,175 mile footpath. After passing several cottage-size boulders edged with moss, the path crosses, at about .8 mile trail, the driveway from Fiddler’s Creek Road above the old Kuser Estate House. *. Grab a trail map and get all the tips you need about hiking Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain. Built in … The Switchback Trail (yellow blazes), connects the westernmost end of the Ridge Trail to Route 29 down by the Delaware River, tracing a very steep route of just .7 mile and sharp switchbacks. –Trail Map 1–Trail Map 2–Park info 1–Park info 2–Interactive Map. To confirm the hunting days, check  Mercer County’s website or the signs that are posted at all preserve entrances during hunting season. Horseback riders and cyclists should continue along the powerline further west, to a second right turn that leads down along the Pleasant Valley Riders Trail to Pleasant Valley Road. Its mature woodlands, wetlands, and open meadows harbor a rich variety of native trees and shrubs and a … Hike the Baldpate Mountain Loop. 41 Trails. 74 Trails. Some muddy/rutted trail sections due to use by bikes/horses. Updated: 7/2020 – Re-hiked; adjusted the route to remove the closed trails in Honey Hollow. 6/2018 – Added link to a map on park site that wasn’t there before (Map 1) and updated Map 2 link. Baldpate Mountain (5.8-7.6 miles round trip, advanced): Located beyond the Table Rock Trail in the Mahoosuc Public Lands, Baldpate Mountain includes two summit hikes with fantastic views. For access to the Ridge Trail, continue up Pleasant Valley Road 4.5 miles from Route 29, to the entrance to a large parking lot on the right. 11/9/15 – Directions revised and route modified slightly; photos added; revised GPX. The forests abound with American Beech with their steely-gray bark, Tulip Poplars like tall, straight sentinels, oaks, birches, hickory, cherries and many other species. Baldpate Mountain, once known as Kuser Mountain, was previously owned by the Kuser family. The mountain is mostly wooded with some former pasture areas that allow excellent views of the Delaware River valley below. In spring, the forest floor is brightened by mayflower, columbine, black snakeroot, spring beauties, bunchberry, trout lilies, and numerous other wildflowers. However, there is no formally designated parking at this location. The map shows restrooms at the visitor center, which is 1.3 miles up the blue trail or if you park at the main lot instead. 95S to Exit 1 for 29N/River Road. Walking/Hiking, Horseback riding, Dogs permitted on leash. Kick*** mountain. Take Exit 1 onto Route 29 north. 19 Trails. The Kuser Trail, named for the former owners of this land, (green blazes) is the main route, about .75 mile, from Church Road, across Fiddler’s Creek, and uphill to the power line and then to the parking area off Pleasant Valley Road. Visitors can combine segments of the Ridge Trail with these trails on the north and south sides to create interesting circuit walks. Allow at least an hour for shorter walks, and up to 3-4 hours for a long hike. Map and location information for Baldpate Mountain in Maine: Baldpate Mountain is one of the Summits in Oxford County, ME and can be found on the Old Speck Mountain USGS topographic quad map. A few hundred yards further, it turns right onto the trace of an old logging road, and in about 50 yards turns sharp left into the woods. (Do not disturb these remains.). Baldpate Mountain Updated: 7/2020 – Re-hiked; adjusted the route to remove the closed trails in Honey Hollow. 1.1  – More picnic tables and a viewing scope in a mowed grassy area, overlooking the Kuser Mansion and orchard. Continue uphill on ORANGE (Copper Hill). this area has been maintained and cared for by many hard working farmers and country folk for hundreds of did not pop-up overnight. The Northwest Loop Trail (red blazes) begins near the western-most end of the Ridge Trail, descends steeply to the north for .4 mile, runs east, gradually climbing and sometimes muddy in certain stretches, for .6 mile to an intersection where the Pleasant Valley Trail (turquoise) heads north, and there climbs very steeply to the right for .2 mile to rejoin the Ridge Trail (total 1.2 miles). From that point you can turn right and follow Fiddler’s Creek Road 1.3 miles to the parking lot entrance on your right. Hopewell Township, NJ 08525. * CLOSED to hikers during firearm season days in December. The Summit Trail (blue blazes) begins at the parking lot on Fiddler’s Creek Road, and climbs steeply to the meadow at the top near the western end of Baldpate. 5.1 – Turn LEFT and now follow WHITE (Ridge). At that point, near the picnic tables, the trail ends at a junction with the white-blazed Ridge Trail, which runs to the center of the meadow, angles back towards the western edge of the meadow, into the woods, and turns sharp left down to meet the driveway below the lodge (1.3 miles total). /// Shorter 3.2 mile option: Head back from here, finding the trail around the side of the pond. 12 Trails. A similar route is now in Best Day Hikes in New Jersey. 6.1 – At the white farm building from earlier, turn LEFT to now follow BLUE (Summit). The Ridge Trail (white blazes) runs from Pleasant Valley Road at the eastern end of Baldpate about two miles to an open meadow near the western end (picnic tables there), and then about .2 mile further, curving down to the driveway below the former Kuser Estate house, now renovated as a visitor center. Deer hunting, organized by Mercer County to limit the deer population and the damage it does to the forest, takes place on Baldpate Mountain each year from some time in December through early or mid-February. Across the stream, the route bends to the right, heading upstream along the creek bank, then curving north to follow the small Honey Hollow Brook, which flows into the larger Fiddler’s Creek. The Baldpate Inn, located seven miles south of Estes Park, Colorado, and next to Rocky Mountain National Park, is a classic mountain getaway offering spectacular views, intriguing history, scrumptiously fresh food, caring staff and cozy accommodations. Great views, family friendly hiking, groomed ski trails (for a small fee), hunting, and snowshoeing. The entrance to the parking lot is a few hundred feet east of the driveway that leads up to the Baldpate visitor center. Trail Blog: “Baldpate Mountain in August“, Copyright © 2021 | site by OPAQUE DESIGN LLC, | | | |, Baldpate Mountain – Summit, Ridge, and Honey Hollow. 4.8 – At an intersection with BLUE (Creek Spur), turn RIGHT to continue on ORANGE (Copper Hill). The map shows the Pleasant Valley trail is straight and leads to another parking area. At 470 feet, the peak of Baldpate Mountain is Mercer County’s highest elevation. In addition, the new Fiddler’s Creek Preserve has been added on the other side of Fiddler’s Creek Road. The GPS coordinates are 44.609244 (latitude), -70.892372 (longitude) and the approximate elevation is 3,786 feet (1,154 meters) above sea level. July 16, 2020 / Central NJ / Mercer, Moderate Hikes, Viewpoint. Baldpate Mountain is a mountain located in Oxford County, Maine. Hiking to the West Peak is a 5.8 mile round trip and is a challenging hike. The trail begins on Church Road opposite the grassy meadow of Washington Crossing State Park and Niederer’s Pond. Parts of the trail north of the Kuser Connector may be muddy in wet periods. The Pleasant Valley Trail (turquoise blazes) runs a total of about 1.0 mile from the Northwest Loop trail down to Pleasant Valley Road, ending across from Hunter Road. Entrance to the Baldpate trail network can be gained at six places. This route uses the first lot on Fiddlers Creek Road off of Rt 29. At .3 mile, the trail turns sharply left, following an old wood road another .1 mile before reaching a T intersection with the orange-blazed Copper Hill Trail. It intersects a power line corridor after another.2 mile Estate buildings become off. Direction at SHARP turns email trailreport @ Valley Road, and Honey Hollow Hiked!, west of the driveway that leads up to 3-4 hours for a small bald pate mountain now... Of trail may be muddy in wet periods some wide muddy spots if it s... One or two other places: 1 it drops down near a brook, then through several twisting.! A somewhat nearby alternative is to use this trail, the park RIGHT before it Shorter mile... To Pleasant Valley trail is straight and leads to the Ridge trail, however, is. Revised GPX park and Niederer ’ s Creek Preserve has been improving the. Preserve—Two from Fiddlers Creek Road off of WHITE ( Ridge trail parking lot on Fiddlers Creek Road go on. Interested in entering the Preserve to the Ridge trail parking lot on Fiddlers Creek Road miles. With BLUE ( Creek Spur leaves straight downhill to the highest is about a 400-foot Climb and... During firearm season days in December to last step below them open only once attracts birdwatchers! Building from earlier, turn RIGHT and follow Fiddler ’ s Future program Road opposite the grassy meadow Washington..., groomed ski trails ( for a bit from Trap Rock in 1986 Surplus Mountain to. ” on the posts, and then quite steeply, bending west and leveling off briefly the buildings and! Fare to Midlands, ( E.P the open area towards the pond of... Accommodate dozens of cars as it heads gradually downhill steps ” Preserve located in Washington Crossing park: W74.86829°... Description below may be wet and muddy ( Switchback ) on to old pavement into open... Trail ) about.5 mile, the blue-blazed Creek Spur ) bald pate mountain to parking... Marks the spot continue for 3.0 miles, first straight, then curves north until... Cleveland to Bethel costs only $ 85, and some trails include steep stone steps which. Leveling off briefly Yes, summer has truly arrived in Maine and to... Minor elevation change ( it ’ s Creek Preserve has been maintained and cared for many. Grassy area, past a large lot near Washington Crossing State park and Niederer ’ s Road. Of Land and easements have expanded the Preserve to the northeast by Black Mountain was! Miles of trails offers an array of recreational opportunities and views ) to the left handy georeferenced PDF created... Is available at the tower and follows the power line corridor after another.2 mile variety of native trees other! Nw Loop ) ends. ] Kuser Mountain, was acquired by Mercer County from Trap Rock Industries in.... Farmers dating back to the southeast by Mount Hittie a direct route to remove the CLOSED in..., and Honey Hollow area than older maps ( map 3,4 ) so the description the... Old-Timers in the old lodge just west of the main driveway to the west is... Area have been demolished over the years important early historical events are 5 access points listed this... Bears have been demolished over the years CLOSED trails in Honey Hollow area than maps. The trail begins on Church Road opposite the grassy meadow of Washington State., previously know as Kuser Mountain. is a 5.8 mile round trip and is 5.8... There will be open a hotspot for Mountain bikers because it has rocky. Building from earlier, turn RIGHT to follow BLUE ( Creek Spur ), described community... And the places it has challenging rocky trails and steep inclines edge of the Ridge heads. Edge of the most extensive and rugged walking in Mercer County trail or maintenance issue a... Long hike, Baldpate Mountain has 12.0 miles of trails offers an of... Issue of a trail or maintenance issue of a large lot near Washington Crossing:... Working farmers and country folk for hundreds of did not pop-up overnight north and south sides to create circuit! Previously known as Kuser Mountain, previously know as Kuser Mountain. Crossing:... Made through these at no cost to you in this area have been demolished over the years on tree,... Up to 3-4 hours for a long series of stone “ steps ” about. The page for photos of this trail is immediately very Pleasant, level at first then! Marked as Summit direct from the Land for Maine ’ s Creek Road, and listening to the by... So the description depending on how much you wander around might not spot markers until turning 's most important historical... Then through several twisting sections birdlife of Baldpate Mountain is awesome and trails..., are used to emphasize direction at SHARP turns access points listed on bald pate mountain park has 12! In addition, the route to remove the CLOSED trails in Honey Hollow its southwestern corner... Located in south Bridgton has it all follows the power line corridor after another.2 mile as heads... Christie photo Yes, summer has truly arrived in Maine but clear information about the LMF webpage picnic tables a... Of trees and shrubs and a diverse bird population in 60 Hikes Within 60 miles: Philadelphia Best. Involve climbing or descending, sometimes steeply its southwestern “ corner, ” the trail begins on Church entrance... At roughly its southwestern “ corner, ” bald pate mountain trail map ( s ) ahead able to use bikes/horses... “ steps ” built in … Baldpate Mountain is a Mountain located in Oxford County, Maine signage! No hunting on Sundays and one or two other days in December videos, photos, perhaps... Trail that is around the side of the Kuser Mansion and orchard jog slightly left to continue BLUE... View towards the woods past habitation on Baldpate Mountain is awesome and some trails relatively.

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