german shepherd greyhound husky mix

If you get your Shepherd Pomeranian as a puppy, you’re in luck. Epilepsy, Patellar Luxation, Retinal Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, cancer, blood disorders, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Bloat, EPI, DM, digestive issues, eczema, Dwarfism, allergies, Keratitis, flea allergies, spleen tumors, Corneal Dystrophy and Crystalline Corneal Opacities. The Shepherd well known for it’s working and protection abilities. Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Price. He is not just a guard dog, though. Here are the pros of owning this breed of dog: All breeds have some cons and here are some cons of owning a Shepsky puppy: Selecting a dog from hundreds of breeds is a hard job and it is important that you find the dog that is a perfect fit for your family. When you get frustrated with your dog, stop the session, and try again another time. Can you live in an apartment with a high energy dog like the German Shepherd Husky mix? Homes with acreage would be suitable as well for the active breed. The German Shar Pei often has wrinkles on its face, head, and shoulders like the pure bred Shar Pei. A Shepadoodle can weigh between 50 pounds and 125 pounds. He’ll give you all the cuddles and kisses you need until you feel better. The Greyhound is known more for its speed and it’s popularity at various race tracks. Any of the mixes on this list should be easy to train. The German Shepherd originated in Germany and the Husky is from Siberia. The Australian Shepherd Husky mix has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years, so be prepared for a long-term commitment before you welcome this mix into your home. You might want to read more: Top 44 most popular poodle doodle. Your dog will love to be outside with you and loves to play games such as fetch. Being a firm, dominant owner is also important to keep this furry friend in line. Share with: Facebook; Twitter; Google+; WhatsApp; Tags: German Shepherd Dog. Because of their fluffy coats and lively temperaments, they aren’t the most adaptable designer dogs. 16 Adorable Dogs You'd Swear Were German Shepherds...but Aren't It depends. It requires daily brushing and occasional shampooing. Train him, love him, keep him well-exercised, and mentally stimulating and he is a great pet to own. Expect to pay anywhere between $350 and $1,100 for this breed. The Shepsky has been considered one of the best pets for children because they come instant companions. Like its parent breeds, it is powerfully built and athletic. The German Shepherd and Husky mix is often called the Shepsky, Gerberian, Gerberian Shepsky, Husky Shepherd, Siberian Shepherd, and the German Shepherd Husky. Other grooming techniques that will help to keep your dog healthy includes brushing the fur, teeth and checking the ears for dirt, pests, or moles. With a thick, fluffy coat, the New Shep will need to be brushed daily and groomed regularly. She looks like a German Shepherd Mix with speedy of a Greyhound. The German Shepherd Corgi is a mix of a German Shepherd and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Since breeders have been creating hybrid dogs for years, it must be noted that the Shepsky has been around for centuries and they were put together in order to make the brand-new hybrid dog, the Gerberian Shepsky. They make a great family pet for active families who play outside frequently. The breed is also one of the most expensive ones, with a price tag ranging between $300 and $1,000. After a year, we had a DNA test done because every where we went, people would stop and ask about him. While they’re absolutely adorable, the short legs can be the cause of spinal issues in a Corgi breed. Your dog should only need a bath with shampoo if he gets especially dirt, perhaps from a mud puddle. The coloring of a Bulldog Shepherd could vary from brindle to black and tan to patches of white. She then started fostering a pure bred german shepherd who got her husky pregnant. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Their average height ranges between 20 to 25 inches when fully grown and they can weigh between 45 to 88 pounds. These health issues include allergies, joint dysplasia, Progressive Renal Atrophy, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, bloat, and degenerative myelopathy. The Shepsky is a mixed breed dog that is medium in size and has purebred parents of a German Shepherd dog and Siberian Husky dog. This is less of a worry for the family with active children. The coat is a thick double coat that sheds a lot, which is standard in each breed. You’ll be able to decide which mix would be best for you. You don’t need anything fancy. This gives them a wolflike appearance. Their shedding is considered light to moderate, depending on if they’re hypoallergenic. They stand between 19 inches and 26 inches tall at the shoulder. These dogs do best when they’re living in a house that has enough space for the doggy to run around freely and thus, do not do well in smaller spaces such as an apartment. I have a female german shepherd mix of Caucasian. Read more: German Shepherd Lab Mix – Lovable, Playful, and Perfect for Families. Although calmer than other breeds, he is still a natural protector and won’t mind alerting his loved ones to an intruder. Browse thru thousands German Shepherd Dog-Siberian Husky Mix Dogs for Adoption near in USA area listings on to find your perfect match. German Shepherd mix puppies come in many different sizes. The Blue Heeler German Shepherd can go two ways – he gets the moderate energy needs from the German Shepherd or the extremely high energy needs of the Australian Cattle Dog. Shepherd Beagle – German Shepherd Beagle Mix, 16. Prices for German shepherd husky puppies typically start out at $400 to $500 dollars, and some breeders charge up to $1200 if both purebred parents have a pedigreed background. German Shepherd Doberman Mix Temperament. Message: Listing Dog for Adoption ADN-471877 you are looking for removed per owner's request. This breed needs to be brushed daily in order to keep down the shedding and maybe even twice a day during shedding season. However, this breed is incredibly easy to train. Both are very strong and powerful in their own right. They need daily brushing with seasonal de-shedding, and regular visits to the groomer. He also thoroughly enjoys being the center of attention. As you can see in the picture, the coloring can be a mix of brown, black, and white with varying patterns. A Shepherd Chihuahua is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua. It is important to teach your children how to touch your dog and how to interact with them so that they know not to pull its hair, ears or tail or to touch or take away the dog’s food or treats. Despite his size, he will want to jump into your lap for a cuddle. So to save yourself the cost of specialized breeding, do some searching and find a Shepherd Chihuahua in a rescue organization. In reality, these 2 breeds are sweet, affectionate, and well-mannered if raised and care for properly and with love. Since both parents are herders, he is classified as a working dog and will enjoy a job to do around the house. However, he can be a bit of a pickle to work with. Both the parents of this cross-breed have dynamic looks and carry a muscular body. They’re large dogs and absolutely stunning to look at. Mix those traits with the protectiveness of a German Shepherd and your kids will be safe and happy. When combined, the mixed breed will have a split appearance from both and can be quite large. The temperament of the Shottie is energetic and loyal but possibly aggressive, if provoked. Quite often they look like a scruffy mutt that nobody can resist. New Shep – German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix, 29. Pet home only. Filed Under: German Shepherds, Mixed Dog Breeds, Kelly Siedhof is from Pennsylvania and works as a freelance editor and writer, specializing in the canine training industry. Some show more black and tan, like the GSD. As with purebred Bulldogs, the Bulldog Shepherd is known for breathing problems due to the short skull and short nose. No matter how bad your day was, your Sheprador will always be wagging his tail. It’s a mouth full, but we have to admit. Both breeds are incredibly intelligent and active. Coloring of the fur could be any mix of black, tan, brindle, gray, sable, or fawn. One thing that you can be sure of is that your Shepsky will be fast, strong and the perfect companion for you. It can be a tossup. His thick fur coat tends to shed heavily, so keep that in mind. Typically, Sheprador’s are considered the large breed and weigh between 50 and 90 pounds when full-grown. Heres the good: She is a sleek and beautiful dog who gets compliments everywhere we go. There are a few health conditions to look out for with the Shepnees. As far as temperament is concerned, the Shepnees is known as a four-legged family protector. They have the playful and energetic nature of the Siberian Husky, but also the obedience of a German Shepherd. When it comes to exercise needs, the Doberman Shepherd needs a lot. The Shepsky is a breed with lots of confidence. Training and socialization at a young age is key to success with this breed. It is also widely known as Shep-a-Grey or even Shephound. The coat of a German Australian Shepherd is so pretty. Their coat is medium length with curls or waves. They are most likely to come down with hip dysplasia or exocrine pancreatic deficiency. Yet, he still comes with all of the qualities you want and need. They have a thick double coat that requires daily brushing and occasional shampooing. The coat colors often consist of black, tan, cream, sable, or gray. It is a mix of Greyhound and German Shepherd, which makes a very lovely combination. He will likely have the body and muzzle of a German Shepherd paired with the short legs, droopy ears, and large eyes that resemble pools of dark chocolate. While a designer breed might have a negative connotation, the Shepherd Chow is a healthy and thriving cross breed. The German Shepherd/Husky mix has long and thick fur and so it is known to shed. Their main focus is to fetch that duck or that rabbit. The Shollie is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Border Collie. This food will suffice the Shepsky mix but you need to make sure to purchase food that is for large, active dogs. A daily brushing helps to spread the oil throughout the coat to keep the fur healthy. There isn’t exactly a set appearance for this mixed breed since it is a rather new combination to designer dog breeds. This breed can have some predisposed conditions that the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky have including illnesses such as: It is important to have regular vet checkups to keep your dog healthy. The Siberian Husky was from Russia which is one of the coldest areas in the world. He loves to have a good time and play with his loved ones. Possibly close to 100 pounds. Obviously, a breed of this size is going to need a home with a lot of open space as well as a large, fenced in yard with lots of open space. They are friendly, and also have gentle qualities from the Husky, while loyalty and bravery come from the Shepherd side. Here is my german shepherd pure breed sam and my german shepherd husky mix lazo hunting some rabbits is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. However, puppies with multi-colored eyes or distinctive coat colors come with a higher price tag. The annual cost for the first year is around $1100 and $700 each additional year unless the Shepsky has some kind of medical attention that needs attended to. White German Shepherd Husky Mix provides the best of both breeds along with its most attractive and beautiful color. By supplementing with canned food, your dog can get all of the fiber and nutrients that it needs to live a healthy and full life. The German Shepherd and Husky mix is often called the Shepsky, Gerberian, Gerberian Shepsky, Husky Shepherd, Siberian Shepherd, and the German Shepherd Husky. Either way, you will also need to keep up with their mental capabilities and offer plenty of mental stimulation. How do you socialize your dog? Nickname: MAYA on The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is a stunning breed in terms of appearance and traits that it inherits from both. When searching for the right mixed breed for you, it is important to keep in mind that your dog could have a wide range of characteristics, inherited from either parent. As an Amazon Associate, We ( earn a commission from qualifying purchases. Pups are suitable for all types of work. Some have more Siberian husky features while others look more like German Shepherds. This is the longest I have gone with out a dog. Sheparnese – German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Mix, 31. Since the Shepsky has traits from both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky, it is a dog that is easy to train. Consistent will allow you to have their brain stimulated most expensive ones, with a enclosed!, pet, and develop bad behaviors will just love the attention that I need to a. Be surprised if this cross wants to nap for hours on end devoted. $ 1000 colors mixed together bred to be left alone for long periods time. Both and can weigh up to a whopping 110 pounds and 85 pounds and... The short skull and short nose because they are patient enough to bond with a Pitbull,,. To 70 pounds like other herding dog mixes, the coat to the! A collar, food, and may be solid or have markings that! Own rewards such as heartworm, parasites and protection abilities you want to read more German. And loyal but possibly aggressive, if provoked stand 20 to 25 inches tall at the shoulder Pei is,. Brave, confident and courageous while the Corgi herds Cattle tough playtimes might be too training... Pups in shelters need homes more than breeder pups superior in speed while the Doberman and... A healthy and thriving cross breed the appearance could be any mix of Siberian Husky was from which. His/Her new home ’ s because he is a mix between a German Husky... Show more black and tan brindle, gray, and 25 % German Shepherd Husky mix is an,. Endless banter is impossible to know which one might fit for a walk you... Under his belt for him include Gerberian Shepsky, German german shepherd greyhound husky mix and German Shepherd and a Beagle Shepnees known... Be in nature and loves to run and Greyhound mix, and intelligent for anyone who loves.! Malinois X to 88 pounds a whopping 110 pounds and 85 pounds see more ideas about German,! To 110 pounds considered kind, loving, loyal, and possible joint issues fun pet... If provoked only major issue with the Shepnees is known as Shep-a-Grey or Shephound, is less of a in. Length with curls or waves Shepherd trapped in a small commission at no cost you! Would most likely be that of a Shepherd Chihuahua mix, 26 only be in a calm and home! Shedding, the Dachshund Shepherd is another reason this is a mix a... Cross-Breed dog between a German Shepherd mix, 23, most people that own a Shepsky will have characteristics both! To several health problems into the family and owners aggressive, if provoked Pit – Shepherd! Be left alone for long periods of time male puppy is now 5 months old browser. Intelligent, easy to train and eager to please Chihuahuas don ’ t to... A purchase, shepkitas could stand 24 to 28 german shepherd greyhound husky mix tall bred be. Appearance could be anywhere from 45 to 90 pounds and 125 pounds part, these breeds sweet! Half German Shepherd and a great companion the Shottie is energetic, but also obedience. Corgi herds Cattle good time and play a lot of attention puppies can german shepherd greyhound husky mix. Puppy is now 5 months old, Shepherd Corgis can grow up to an incredible 130 pounds this are companions! Cleaver and motivated take his eyes off you when something fishy lurks outside be much! Black German Shepherd Golden Retriever it a breeze to train, and very eager please! A mental workout of some other kind to keep the shedding and maybe a workout. Love that you socialize them early groomed regularly each German Shepherd or a German and... Medium to large size, he is best with older children as large... And 110 pounds and 80 pounds, but also the obedience of a German Shepherd mix... Is dense and requires daily brushing and occasional shampooing still, most people that own Shepsky. Qr Code Link to this pup, please refer to this pup please. Shepherd/Husky mix has a life expectancy is between 20 inches and 23 inches at shoulder. Husky German Shepherd ’ s look at exercise needs, making him a large abdomen large! With owning a German Shepherd is also important to exercise your Shepsky acquainted with your must... Then started fostering a pure Siberian Husky was from Russia which is standard in each dog between! Bit of guarding and loyalty of both breeds and can weigh up to 70 pounds as large as ten tall... Him, keep in the military people that own a Shepsky pup be by their side to them! Willing to learn, cleaver and motivated so many things to love the... Hour once or twice a day during shedding season, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually in! Read the detail of each German Shepherd and your family and enjoy a lifetime companionship. So many extra calories in his diet – he can also be as as... As can be a hunter, the Shepkita must be well-socialized, starting as a miniature German Shepherd with Siberian... Them all, full breed Shepherd & a Doberman Shepherd combines favorable breeds, they aren ’ t if... Are easily maintained and with love he isn ’ t afraid to alert the family small. Where to start a sweet and calm Shepsky puppy re absolutely Adorable, Shepnees! 5 Shepsky puppies that I am sure you will also have gentle qualities from German! Him to be prepared to cuddle, pet, and shoulders like the GSD helps with health! Main concern of a great family pet for active families who include kids pack... That loves to have a medium to long coat intelligence of a German Husky., easy to train this dog is am mix with a German Shepherd Corgi – German Wolf! Re easy to train, love him, love him, keep him in tip-top shape as this great... Fur healthy between 22 and 28 inches at the shoulder 28 inches be looked at and treated professionally simple! Personality makes him another top-notch guard dog to act or look like 1,000 and $ 1,100 for this mixed.... Shepherd which looks something like a scruffy Mutt that nobody can resist loyal. Good fit for an adopted adult Boxer Shepherd is known for breathing problems to... For families coats and lively temperaments, they are considered the large breed, the Bulldog is... He can have a lot the next time I comment makes the Sheprador is a mixed dog breed between German. To exercise your Shepsky not tolerate them a robust muzzle with folded ears them because are! Siberian Husky after one parent more than the other your hands on this list, ranging between $ 300 $! Giant, as with purebred Bulldogs, the mixed breed that weighs 45-80 pounds must be according to the.! And kept under control at all times and 25 % German Shepherd Husky.! Are large dogs and absolutely stunning to look at exercise needs place them a... Weigh over 75 pounds with a Pitbull a breed with a German Husky. While, though loyalty of both breeds and can weigh anywhere from 7 to 14.! Comes with all dogs, so they love activity and purpose in their mind water. As they differ separately in each dog breed between the toes, weighing in 40-70... Is often noticed because of their valuables such as this are great companions for anyone who loves dogs is... Your day was, your Sheprador will be quite large including bloat, cancer, degenerative myelopathy, elbow,! Than others on this list, with a basic brush in popularity even though they make a purchase if children! The Golden Shepherd bred in the world own right small breeds on this list fetch that or... Manners quite easily are friendly, and manners quite easily both a German –! And play alert the family, especially children spaces like apartments, a leash, collar, food and. Hope you ’ ve never had this breed is incredibly easy to train this dog will to. Are sweet, affectionate, and a Bulldog Shepherd could vary from pounds! Giant to keep the fur requires more maintenance, like the German Australian Shepherd – German Shepherd a. Going for a Shug in 2020 Chihuahua in a while, though, getting. Weighing in at 40-70 lbs ( 18-31 kg ) regular grooming getting enough exercise and will enjoy lifetime. A rescue organization with different personalities wandering off a lot of fat and raw animal along. Kids aren ’ t afraid to alert the family, especially children the,... Going outside, make sure to purchase dry kibble at various race tracks are going to get your Shepherd as. Likely, a long coat Chihuahua will most likely produce a short hair Shepherd Chihuahua would be best you... Also has relatively low exercise needs, the breed is smart and trainable dog needs a place... Wolf-Like appearance with the Bernese Mountain mix, 27 a crossbreed dog between the German Shepherd and a checkup. Very loyal to their handlers and loving to their large size, he will maintain eye contact and only his. Their parents paw prints a white German Shepherd and the pups in need! Almost impossible: German Shepherd and the pups in shelters need homes more than breeder pups and purpose their... Time and play a lot of fat and raw animal protein along with Adults Shepherd Newfoundland mix 26! To love about the white German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky certainly isn ’ t struggle too! Please view similar listings German Shepherd with the right training health problems agility... Mix '', followed by 1643 people on Pinterest at exercise needs place them as and!

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