Rock Stars

Rock Stars

I remember the day we get these pictures. The girls were visiting me, and we wanted something to do. The green screen was already set up so we decided to do a photo shoot.


While we were trying to figure out what kind of hard a few we wanted, I have come across a guitar that I think would join Xbox or something. We came up with playing music, they wanted to be rock stars.


Addison wanted to play the drums but we didn’t have any. She would sit on the stool and hold her hand and pretend that she was playing the drums. When she wanted to play the guitar Danielle was not too happy about pretending to play the drum it (shows in the pictures).

Between the tattoos and bobby pins and hair clips made them really look like rock stars. They came up with their own poses.


The next step was to find some drums, which was not easy but I did. After editing the photos I decided to put them in a magazine and I am and I named the magazine Rock Stars. I think it turned out pretty good.


Click below to watch the video.